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So, I moved to WordPress, finally. I’m going to post up my pages and everything soonish. This blog is going to be for a conglomeration of ramblings, musings, ridiculous sentiments, updates on music and other things people will most likely not be able to digest in a 1 minute read.

Observations thus far: I don’t like this font.

I am “tweerock” (solo music endeavour), “fyaopo” (on Soundcloud, related to my band and on the MaSu forums) and “pastryrock” (gaming sites and Steam).



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Bit of a useless second post here. It’s pretty much just to plug a few things.

First of all, my recent band: Dominion. We’re coming up with some stuff to show some friends of ours. It’s a lot of fun reading and replying to comments, and it’s great to be noticed for doing something you love. That being said, the main reason we do it is to be connected with people and spread our rock, rather than for the feedback and notoriety alone. This is my second endeavour with a group this year, but I intend to continue this one rather than go it until a planned event and everyone leaves.

We’re coming up with a few ideas, throwing them around the room. I have several ideas to show, but I’ll just leave behind the concept I was working from when I started a song:

Next, I’m really digging a melodic death metal band called Blackstar Halo. Check them out. I bet most people that reads this will know who Machinae Supremacy is, but they sent me there. Awesome stuff, both bands.


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(First post deserves some sort of ridiculous incredibly long post)

I have had heard rumours about this site, believe me. I’ve heard the most extraordinary tales about this site. Handed down from generations, in gossip and speculation, was news about a new land past our city, way beyond the horizon… I could’t help but smile, listening to these stories, but I knew it in my heart that it wasn’t for me, and carried on with my life. I missed… something, and that space grew larger and larger throughout the years.

It’s true, I had, like most of us folks, always wondered what was out there more than our walls, but begrudgingly shook off any intrigue as naive rhetoric by my friends and the children. They were aching for adventure, like they were to know what it feels like. I wish I could, eventually, understand some more of it… but through the cold denial, safety and comfort of being kept in familiar isolation between these walls, I remained sitting unmovable; refusing to budge. Refusing to understand.

Afraid, I was. Afraid of the unknown, whether or not the truth yielded any power or wisdom for me. Should a human really take any place above ourselves and strive to be more than we were? I couldn’t bear witness to all the mysteries I’d read about on lazy days on television or in books. I lay ashamed of myself – I had nothing to lose.

…Alas, over the veil of a couple of years, most of my peers have moved out beyond the boundaries. Through my tears, warning of perceptual sadness and silence, I gazed up into space on a cold, stormy night, and something took a hold of me. My body was numb, but my mind… I was carried away into the sky above me, into the rain.

I gasped in the icy cold air to my lungs, forcing me to stagger as I burst out of my (what was then a) concrete understanding of reality. Emerging, I ascended into the black night despite my struggling. My eyes and nose forced shut as the rain pelted down on the Earth below and on me, my head growing numb and my senses stirring. I, slowly, opened my eyes, and saw it.

It was beautiful. The world around me, so far from the ground, surrounded by a crown of city lights and billions of people. The shimmer of my hometown’s city lights were lost in the glow of the Earth. The taste of the air was uplifting and the sight was miraculous. I know I’ve passed out, but this is something amazing.

What do humans get to say about existence? We’re forced to live in it, and we are taught to deal with what we are given. Happiness, is relative, they say, but with these new sights…well, I’m not so sure any more. The world is a cold place, full of hatred and death, anyone could have noticed, and I don’t want to stand for it any more. I no longer wish to be held back by boundaries, society’s ‘normal’, the wills of leaders and henchmen. I don’t want to be ridiculed by the inferior. I don’t want to be denied by my peers.

I will not achieve a perfect world by myself, but we finally have all we need for it. I will do what I can by my own, and it may get me hated. None of my peers are safe from criticism. No more veils of ignorance and false-truths. I will rip idealism from it’s seams, and take a piece of this life for myself and the world. Honour to the kind, justice to the evil and education to the ignorant.

There is no such calling as ‘fate’. There is no longer, and never was, a need for God. I am my own man now, and I, for the first time ever, feel such control underneath my fingertips. What I can do now is ask you to join us, but please, let it be your own decision. Let my words have no sway over you other than to inform.

I descend, and left the hometown. I say my goodbyes, and leave, alone from the place I always knew. It served me well, and I may return, but for now… I’ve finally made it.

Okay, enough of this bullshit. Pretty much, I could’ve made a ten-word blog post about why I was moving my blog from Blogspot (because it wasn’t as versatile, and I only had two followers), but nooo, I got carried away and made a comment on ignorance.

What have I come to.